Monday, February 19, 2007

Sharing Faith

At Harvest, our focus in 2007 is Outreach. Sharing our faith. Being bold. Being compassionate. Being open. Being normal. Above all, being loving.

In short, impacting the world.

To that end, we are going through outreach training on Thursday nights in February. We also are going through a special series on Sundays, reinforcing our basic beliefs. Going back to basics, as it were.

The series is called, "CHRISTIANITY 101"; and it's not only a good refresher course for those in attendance, but it's also a great resource to have in outreach.

The first message is called, "What Is The Gospel?", and it's a clear explanation of the message of Jesus.

It's perfect to give to someone who is asking questions about God or who is in a crisis and needs to hear the good news.

So go download it today, or email me to get a free copy of the CD.