Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Jesus Campaign

It's election time, and the news of the country is revolving around conventions, platforms, and candidates. Are they experienced? Do they know how to govern? What is their position on controversial issues? Ultimately, will they make my life better?

Then there's the counter-campaign. The mudslinging. The tireless search for dirt and scandal. The quest to undermine the competition.

All of this is part of the process of electing a leader. A representative authority who we hope will lead us well. For just four years. With built-in limitations and checks and balances. In a mire of lobbyists, gridlocked Congress, and a soundbite-driven media. To serve in front of millions of citizens hungry for more scandal and punchlines.


We could look towards a leader unencumbered by limitations of power. One who has our best interests in mind-- all the time because he gave us those interests. One who is not bound by public opinion, who has won every debate he's ever had, and who has centuries of governing experience.

His enemies are constantly looking for controversy, for conspiracy, for contradictions in his promises. But there is no dirt to find. There is no mud to sling.

That's why, if you're looking for a leader you can trust, the right choice is Jesus in 2008.

Join us this fall as we study the person, promises, and platform of Jesus of Nazareth. Who he is, what he said, and how he feels about current issues. Listen to his speeches, study his background, and listen to what the pundits have to say. And then, make the right choice. Choose Jesus as your leader.

And yes, he will make your life better.


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