Thursday, June 15, 2006

Summer Fun

Like many churches, our attendence fluctuates during the summer. Kids are out of school, families go on vacation, and there's just so much darn fun to be had.

But that doesn't mean we're taking a break from our fun. No ma'am.

We're doubling our efforts to get together for a good time and to let the community around us know who we are. (Some people like to say they're "re-doubling" their efforts, but isn't that just "quadrupling"? And that's just crazy talk.)

So we're having BBQs, (free) poker tournaments, and camping trips. We're sponsoring a fun run, we're climbing 2 mountains, we're having a golf tournament. And the big event will be our first annual HARVESTFEST on August 13th.

HARVESTFEST will be a community festival complete with games, contests, food, music, and one of those big jumpy things for the kids.

Keep your eyes on this space for dates and times. It's going to be a great summer!