Tuesday, March 15, 2005


It seems that every day I run into someone who asks me about Harvest. Sometimes the person is named Eliza.*

In the past the conversation has gone something like this:

"Hi, Jeff! How's the new church going?
"Hi, Eliza! It's going great!
"When are you having your meetings?"
"Well, we're thinking of starting Thursday nights this spring."
"So, where will it be?"
"Ummm...we don't really have a place yet."
"Oh." (awkward pause) "So do you have a lot of people?"
"Ummm...I don't know because we haven't really been meeting yet."
"Oh." (really awkward pause) "You really are planting a church, though, right?"
"Absolutely! We've got a name and a website and everything!"

But now, the conversation goes like this:

"Hi, Jeff! How's the new church going?"
"Hi, Eliza! It's going great!"
"When are you having your meetings?"
"Thursday nights from 7:00-8:15. Starting March 24th."
"So, where will it be?"
"At the Tallyn's Reach Library, on Arapahoe Road just east of 470."
"So what will it be like?"
"We'll meet for some worship, teaching, and fun."
"You mean like a regular church service?"
"Sort of. But a lot more laid back. We just want to connect with people and go deeper with our lives."
"Oh wow! We'll have to come check it out!"

Or something like that.

Usually in real life people don't ask the questions you have prepared answers for.

But if your questions match the above answers, then we'd love to see you on March 24th or any Thursday thereafter.

I have actually never talked to anyone named Eliza about Harvest. But if I ever do, I'm fully prepared for the conversation.


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