Monday, March 07, 2005

The Finish Line

Home sweet home.

We've been home for a couple hours now, and my head is still spinning. During today's drive we listened to a sermon by James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel. The sermon was called "Finish Line Faith", taken from 2 Timothy 4; and it was about persevering to the end, just as Paul did.

Read the passage here.

It was a great sermon, and I highly recommend any of Pastor James's materials. But it was also very timely, as we were all feeling like we weren't going to make it to the finish line of this trip. Normally the drive through northeast Colorado is tiresome, but today it was especially difficult because we weren't returning from a vacation, we were coming home from three weeks straight of campaigning for our new church.

Some totals:

A family of 4-- kids ages 4 and 2.
3 weeks and 3 days on the road.
3,231 miles driven.
10 different sleeping locations.
~27,000 french fries eaten (or so it seems).

All so that we could meet with...
...82 adults at 23 different locations (plus 2 congregations) and tell them about Harvest.

Of course, the reality is that this isn't the finish line. In many ways it's the starting blocks. There is much more for us to do. It is our prayer that, like Paul, we will hold nothing back for the sake of the Gospel, that through our efforts, we might reach those God has for us.

Thank you all for joining with us as we labor in these harvest fields.


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