Monday, July 18, 2005

Summer Fun

If there is a cure for the summertime blues, doggonit, we're going to find it.

Yesterday, we returned from our first Harvest Camping Trip. It probably doesn't need to be all capitalized like that, but it looks more official that way, and it was a lot of fun...

We arrived on Friday afternoon at a campground just outside of Leadville. We enjoyed phenomenal weather and beautiful views. The kids fished at nearby Turqouise Lake, although they caught little more than a sunburn. However, Rachel entertained Kaleb and Clint (as well as her parents) with stories of the ten "pretend fish" she caught. Sounds to me like she's getting the hang of what fishing is all about.

On Saturday, five of us (and one dog) took on Mt. Elbert. At 14,433 feet, Mt. Elbert is the highest mountain in Colorado and the highest in the Rockies. The views were amazing (pictures coming soon), and the climb was well worth it. The only question now is how many times I'll use this climb as a metaphor in teaching illustrations. The current prediction is at least six. And, by the way, coming down the mountain hurts more than you'd think.

Here we are on the way up:

Here we are at the top:

On Saturday night, while bones knit and muscles tightened, we enjoyed smores around a campfire. I pulled out my guitar and we had an impromptu worship service. The moon was out and we were surrounded by the majesty of God's creation. It was really something.

Even though we're home now, the fun is just beginning. On Sunday, July 31 and Sunday, August 28, we'll be having "Church in the Park". Outdoor services at neighborhood parks, complete with kids games and food. The upcoming event on the 31st will be at Central Park in "The Farm" neighborhood in Centennial. See the website for more info.


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